New Construction

Northern Arizona Electricians Kay Electric Panel InstallThe electrical wiring and systems in your new home are installed by licensed professional electrical contractors. If you are looking to improve or change any of the electrical features in your home or business for aesthetic or functional reasons, hiring a contractor for electrical construction is necessary. Kay Electric Inc. does electrical construction in the Arizona White Mountains and works on residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We do installation, cabling, wiring, appliance hookups, custom lighting, and recessed lighting.

A professional like Kay Electric Inc. has the tools and experience necessary to perform service to electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, and electrical panels. Under no circumstance should new electrical construction be performed by anyone other than a licensed electrician or contractor. Doing so poses a significant risk to your safety and can cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in property damage if something goes wrong. Safety is our top priority, which is why we also perform a thorough inspection prior to work.

We can perform electrical construction during a remodel, renovation, or new construction with the intent of improving the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your electrical systems and features. If you are remodeling your home and are interested in new lighting, we can do recessed lighting that fits right into a ceiling or wall nook or custom lighting to help you bring your own dreams to life.

Hiring Kay Electric Inc. gives you plenty of room to customize your electrical features in your home or business. We will make sure you get the consultation and service you need, so give us a ring for service in Taylor, AZ.